High-Pressure Preschools: How Much is Too Much?

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How can parents tell whether their child’s preschool is adequately preparing him for school, or placing way too much pressure on him? While every child is different, and some can handle more “academic” work than others, here are some warning signs that your preschool program may not be teaching the way young children learn best, and putting too much pressure on your child.

High-Pressure Preschools: How Much is Too Much?

Preschoolers’ brains are like little sponges, and they’re capable of memorizing large amounts of information. But your child will spend plenty of time working on academic skills when he gets to elementary school. An introduction with hands-on components is fine, but drilling children to memorize math facts is neither a good use of time nor a fun introduction to learning for young children.

Developmentally appropriate programs meet children at their level and help them learn in ways that are best suited to their learning style. If your child seems to be having trouble adjusting, ask to come and observe class to see if he seems frustrated or bored by what he is being asked to do. It may be that he would benefit from an extra year of preschool … or it could be that the teacher’s expectations are unrealistic for your child.

If it seems like the expectations are too high, express your concerns and ask the teacher or director to explain the philosophy so that you can better understand the methods that are used. You can then make a good judgment about whether the school is a good fit for your child.

Preschool should be a time of learning, but it should also be fun! A preschool that provides your child with the opportunity to learn in ways that encompass his natural desire to engage and explore will provide him with all he needs to be prepared for kindergarten. While he may not have first grade math facts memorized or be able to read, your preschooler’s love of school and learning is the most important skill to take into kindergarten.

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  1. My boys are now 19 & 14 and I do believe that the Pre-School world is now totally different. Kids are expected to go to school knowing what my boys were learning in Kindergarten. I do agree, work with the staff and your pre-schooler can have a good year. By being an advocate for our kids ( who else is gonna do it?) We can help our kids get ready for that year of Kindergarten!

  2. Did you know that in our area schools expect kids entering kindergarten to know how to read and write? I know – crazy! No wonder that parents pressure preschools to provide more "learning opportunities", which means more worksheets. Anna usually brings home a couple every day, but she seems to be enjoying this "learning time" in school, so I am not complaining.

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