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and of course, holding the SWEET baby chicks!!!

Farm Animal Days @NCSU

We took our annual trip to the Farm Animal Days event at NCSU again this year! This is our 3rd year attending in a row, and while we still loved it, it was definitely a much quicker trip this year! I think it, sadly, will end up being one of our last years attending. His […]
30 March, 2012 1

Nature Connections – March

Most of our time outside in March was actually spent at the playground!! We didn’t get in too many nature walks this month, but hopefully April will kick us back on track!! We did have one afternoon when we went on a nature walk and did a little bird-watching with our Science Club (sadly, most […]
31 March, 2011 5

National Wildlife Week

National Wildlife Week March 14-20, 2011 Wildlife That Move Us – Celebrating the Wildlife All Around Us Walk, Climb, Run and Leap your way into celebrating National Wildlife Week!  Join together to celebrate our wildlife friends—the unique ways that they move and how they move us to protect them. Learn about 45 wildlife species  in […]
11 March, 2011 1

Great Backyard Bird Count

We attended a local Great Backyard Bird Count walk with our Earth Scouts troop today. We had a great time as a group keeping an eye out for different birds and just enjoying the GORGEOUS weather we are having. View Full Album Our group leaders from the nature center were actually keeping track of the […]
19 February, 2011 0

Family Nature Summit Do you know a child who loves the outdoors and nature?Here’s a chance for him or her to spend a week-long outdoor adventure at the Family Nature Summit! National Wildlife Federation, Family Summits Inc, and Craig Tufts Family announce the 2nd Annual Craig Tufts Education Scholarship. Applications are due March 31, 2011. Craig Tufts […]
16 February, 2011 1

Time to jump into ACTION! for Let’s G.O.! (Get Outside)

It is time! You have heard about it, been expecting it, and now it’s here. Time to jump into ACTION! for Let’s G.O.! (Get Outside). Register your events, tell your friends, tell your friends’ friends, send us your pictures and ideas. We really do want to hear from you. You are the change makers and […]
14 February, 2011 0

If you give a kid a creek bed…

he’s going to ask for a rock. When you give him the rock, he’ll probably ask if he can throw it. When he’s finished, he’s ask how to skip a rock. Then he’ll want to look for the perfect flat rock to make sure it can skip right. He might notice that there aren’t very […]
12 February, 2011 2