FRC Regional Tournament

1888546_10151916401846179_680200244_n Hello all! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to update! Our winter has been VERY busy! We are still fighting this winter weather, sadly, here in NC! It’s mid-March and most of the school systems are closed AGAIN today because of the icy conditions. We are SO ready for spring! One […] Continue reading →

Arabic Learning Must-Haves

arabic learning must-haves Learning a new language is often towards the top of every homeschoolers ‘electives’ list, along with music and art. Some languages, however, are easier to apply than others. Spanish, French, and even Latin or Greek are fairly easy to come by – you can find apps, curriculum, videos, and more with relative ease. Arabic, however, […] Continue reading →

Oh NO! I forgot about Socialization!

socialization - work of childhood When many people ask about homeschooling, usually one of the FIRST comments and/or questions they ask involves the big “s” word – Socialization. How do they get socialized if they don’t go to school? Don’t you worry that he won’t be socialized? The list goes on… So, what IS Socialization? so·cial·i·za·tion [soh-shuh-luh-zey-shuhn] – via […] Continue reading →

Neighbor Day!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Neighbor Day Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is gearing up to celebrate it’s FIRST birthday!! ummer may be coming to a close, but Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, the critically-acclaimed animated series for preschoolers from The Fred Rogers Company, will keep hearts warm with “Neighbor Day,” a charming, brand-new half-hour special premiering nationwide this Labor Day on PBS KIDS (check local […] Continue reading →

Day in the Life Hop

InlineRepresentationa1296a8acf9842c3953939feb3201c861.jpg I wrote a little bit about how our days look in the Curriculum Week post, but I thought I’d go into a little more detail in this post. Each day, the Conductor has a set ‘block’ of work that I strive for him to do. These are mostly the books that are specifically setup with […] Continue reading →